One of my favorite quotes is “Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.”  It speaks to some of the ideals I value most: treat people fairly and kindly, and try to instill beauty and positivity in even the simplest act through your intention.  This transfers into the way I practice law in my attempts to bring deals together in a manner that enables a new beginning to take root firmly or, when necessary, to wind-up business relationships in a manner that allows each party to move forward as simply and painlessly as possible.

The time I spent as in-house Corporate Counsel to a growing Los Angeles based hospitality company was built upon my foundation working in traditional “big firm” environments, allowing me to gain extensive in-depth experience drafting, revising and negotiating agreements across all divisions and verticals including, hotel, restaurant, nightlife, sponsorship, partnership, advertising, marketing, information technology, purchasing, human resources, accounting, finance, construction and real estate.  I have a real world appreciation for working with business teams to establish and negotiate agreements, templates, policies and procedures that facilitate efficiency and reduce risk, and consider it one of my greatest strengths as an attorney.

I spent most of my formative years in New York and finally made my way west to attend UCLA School of Law. I quickly (very quickly) found Southern California much more amicable to human habitation and am now extremely happy to have made a home in Venice with my husband and our furry baby, eating delicious local fare, hiking the Santa Monica mountains and checking out new art and live music around the city.  I also enjoy volunteering to support causes I am passionate about, including the Los Angeles Riverkeeper, an organization dedicated to protecting and restoring local waterways through enforcement, fieldwork and community action.

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