About The Firm

Yoffe & Cooper, LLP was formed with the idea that our clients' needs are the center of our practice.

Our attention to every detail of our clients' businesses, and our level of availability to our clients at all times, sets us apart. We treat every call, email, letter, or smoke signal from a client as the most important thing happening in our day. We appreciate that our clients have allowed us the honor of representing them and make sure that we show our appreciation every chance we get. We regularly communicate with our clients to stay in tune with their business needs, and attempt to know as much about their business as a business partner would. When we are called on for our advice, our primary goal is that our clients make smart business decisions, we then use our experience, knowledge, and common sense to make the law work for the right business choice.

A true Southern California business law firm.

Our practice is a full-service, business law practice focused on the needs of the business owner and entrepreneur. We believe that a business should not be viewed as merely a client, but also a partner. It is our mission to provide sound legal and business counsel to all businesses, from start-ups to established ventures, as their local counsel.

Meet The Firm

Kirsten Stockton

Senior Counsel

Daniel J. Quisenberry

Senior Counsel

Lindsay Geida

Of Counsel