Nearly every business confronts the challenge of protecting and leveraging its IP assets.

This challenge is formidable now more than ever, with the forces of globalization and technology continually altering the shape of IP law and with virtually anyone capable of creating, copying and transferring digital data in a few keystrokes. Our practice covers all aspects of IP support and protection, including copyright, trade secret, and trademark.

We regularly help clients with legal issues related to media, advertising, and marketing. We provide strategic IP counsel to companies at all stages of growth, assisting our clients to acquire, manage, license, develop, prosecute, and defend IP in all forms.

IP Counseling, Registration and Licensing

We work with clients to build, manage, and maintain their IP portfolios. We advise our clients on how to enforce and obtain value from their IP property without resorting to litigation. In addition, we counsel clients regarding the avoidance of IP disputes and how to respond to and resolve threatened litigation concerning IP claims. We frequently assist clients with matters related to the acquisition, creation, development, exploitation, integration, use, licensing, marketing, financing, and sale of IP.

IP Litigation

When faced with an IP dispute, the stakes can be staggering, and a loss may even put an end to a business. Such potential risks require a deep knowledge of the law and the technology, science, creative, and/or business components at issue. These risks also require a seasoned, effective, and strategic litigation approach and a thorough understanding of the client’s operations and goals. We understand that victory comes though various channels and in different forms, and we are fully prepared to litigate through trial and appeal.


Copyrights are the lynchpin of many businesses. With the growth of the worldwide Internet and some popular views currently shifting against copyright owners, copyright protection has become even more critical. We work with our clients to evaluate strengths and weaknesses and to develop the most enduring and comprehensive method of protecting their valuable works. Our experience is broad, including all types of media, entertainment, literary works, film and video, photographs, audio recordings, music, broadcast, software, data bases, Internet, technical and architectural designs, merchandising, and sculptures, including toys.

We also assist clients with registering copyrights, performing title searches, expediting applications, and recording documents.


Trademarks comprise a critical component of clients’ businesses, often the most significant IP asset a company owns. Planning and protection may determine the viability and vitality of a company’s brand in the marketplace. Our comprehensive experience in all aspects of trademark law and branding can help our clients create, manage, maximize, and protect the value of their marks and good will.

We have vast experience with trademark and trade dress infringement and dilution matters, merchandising and licensing, unfair competition and advertising, internet-related issues, cyber-squatting and domain name issues.

Our counseling services frequently begin at a trademark’s inception, with proactive involvement in selection, clearance, registration, and proper use. Companies also need to police the use of their marks carefully to avoid infringement of their brands and the possibility their marks will be diluted or become abandoned. We prepare agreements such as settlement, consent, co-existence, assignment, and license agreements.

Trade Secret

Trade secrets and the related technical know-how frequently represent one of the most important IP assets of a company. The rapid growth in technology, international travel, employee mobility, and raiding of top talent make it more and more difficult to safeguard these important assets. Trade secrets are sometimes misappropriated, and the acquisition of talent is often followed by a lawsuit from a competitor making claims of trade secret theft. Such misappropriation and/or claims can result in an enormous loss of value to a company unless the company takes immediate and decisive action.

We advise clients regarding and prepare non-disclosure and intellectual property ownership agreements for use with independent consultants, vendors, and joint ventures.

As with all areas of practice, we approach each matter with a business first focus.

  • Trademarks and Trademark Infringement
  • Copyright and Copyright Infringement
  • Licensing and Licensing Disputes
  • Domain Disputes
  • Merchandising
  • Unfair Competition and False Advertising Disputes
  • Trade Secrets Disputes